Plug gym

Client: PLUG Inc.

Art Direction Design

PLUG GYMのロゴと施設のサイン、WEBサイトのデザインをしました。身体は同じ動作でも、動きの組合せや人が変わることで、仕上がりの表情が変わります。
I designed the PLUG GYM logo, WEB, and facility sign . Even if the body performs the same movements, the result will change depending on the combination of movements and the person. I created a logo by combining mechanical and simple shapes while having fun. It is also connected to the meaning of the word “PLUG”.
Produce/Creative direction/Edit: Maico Nishikoji
Art direction/Design: Mayuko Kanazawa
Text: Asako Fujimoto
Web develop: Takashi Miyazawa

内装:studio DIG.